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Advanced Waste-to Fuels Technology

Working with its technology partners, National Energy USA has active waste-to-fuels projects all over the world. We use a patented technology that safely converts unsorted, residential and commercial waste to fuel. The engineered fuel has a high caloric value and can serve as a replacement for coal, or can be co-fired with coal to generate electricity.

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Sustainability Consulting

Our multi-disciplined team of sustainability professionals incorporates sustainability initiatives to meet State and Federal requirements. If you need help in the design and construction of zero-energy facilities, we offer extensive LEED and ENERGY STAR programs.

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Energy Security Planning

We provide energy and engineering consulting services and develop plans to ensure energy security. We recommend new technologies which use conventional energy as efficiently as possible, while reducing vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure.

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Strategic Energy Management

We work with the public and private sector clients to provide comprehensive energy management strategies focused on infrastructure assessment, energy reduction and smart grid deployment.

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Renewable Energy Technology

Our company is driven by the latest advances in clean, renewable energy. Our scientists and engineers conduct research on various disruptive technologies in support of our military, utility and commercial clients. We evaluate the most cutting-edge technologies to deliver highly innovative solutions.

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Autonomous Vehicles

The future of autonomous vehicles is here and National Energy and it’s partners are leading the way. Our research scientists and engineers have been working with the defensive sector to evaluate innovative technologies to usher in a new era of driverless vehicles.

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Smart Home Technology

Our engineers have been working in the smart-home sector since before the term entered our lexicon. For decades, residential and commercial buildings have been designed and constructed with only the “first cost” in mind, without any thought given to operational costs or life cycle cost analysis. National Energy USA has established relationships with national partners to deliver the most innovative solutions in the smart, connected home and Internet of Things (IoT). Our staff has participated in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon where universities from around the world compete to build net-zero energy homes. Our latest proven technology for the residential market can be seen at